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Word of Mouth Marketing Ideas

The Word of Mouth Marketing Ideas That Get Results

What’s behind the success of word of mouth marketing? There are several key word of mouth marketing ideas that are responsible, components that together influence the buzz around your brand. How to get started The easiest way to get people talking? Ask. Bring consumers into the conversation as equals, whose opinions matter, and they’ll walk away feeling good about being...
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Best Customer Service Story

The Worst Way to Handle Your Best Customer Service Story

Let’s talk about the worst ways to handle your best customer service story. When you’ve had a successful customer interaction, one where you both walk away feeling good, you’ve done your job, right? Not quite. Don’t get me wrong – the fact that you’ve made the customer happy is huge. According to Leading on the Edge of Chaos, reducing your...
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What Is Earned Media

What Is Earned Media?

What it is earned media and how do we use it? Earned media is easy to define, because it’s happening constantly, and it’s something we’re familiar with in practice, if not by name. Any time someone Tweets about your brand, whether it’s an event or feature they love, earned media is taking place. Same goes for someone featuring your brand…

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Successful Word of Mouth Campaigns

What We Can Learn From Successful Word of Mouth Campaigns

The success of a word of mouth campaign hinges mostly on one key factor: customers! Who else is going to drive conversation surrounding your brand, if not the people most familiar with what you do? Let’s take a look at a few successful word of mouth campaigns, and what they can teach us. The well behaved kids discount Restaurants in...
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Video Marketing Tips

Video Marketing Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Want some video marketing tips to make your life a little easier? Campaigns can get a little stressful, especially if it’s your first, and you’re pressured to pull off something great. Here’s how to go about it without making yourself miserable: Embrace collaboration There’s a toxic mindset that’s pretty prevalent in the work environment, that stems from the idea that...
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Corporate Storytelling

Tips for Realistic Corporate Storytelling

What exactly does corporate storytelling accomplish? Done correctly, it shows consumers, and clients who have invested their time, money, and energy into your brand that you’re not just talk, but actually believe and stand by the core beliefs of your brand. Unsure how to go about brand storytelling? Here are some tips: Understand the fundamentals of a story All stories...
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The Power Of Word Of Mouth Marketing

Understanding the Power of Word of Mouth Marketing

Plenty of brands are trying to understand the power of word of mouth marketing. Despite the fact that word of mouth happens organically among consumers, there are still questions about how to harness those conversations, to provide momentum for marketing efforts. What we know 50% of people say that word of mouth plays a direct role in their purchasing decisions,...
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Video Interview Platform

What to Look for in a Video Interview Platform

The right video interview platform can really shake up the interview process – in the best way possible! Video has really streamlined how businesses, big and small, interview, making the process easier all around. Scheduling interviews is a nightmare. Corporations have their own hiring process, although it can still hemorrhage time and money. But small businesses, in particular, can face...
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Product Video Reviews

Creating Effective Product Video Reviews

Effective product video reviews are difficult to come by. There’s a lot more that goes into a review than it would seem. It takes some practice, and a willingness to learn and improve in order to better serve viewers. Here are a few tips about how to pull the different aspects together in order to create effect product video reviews....
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Storytelling In Organizations

The Impact of Storytelling in Organizations

When we look at storytelling in organizations, we’re mostly operating on the influence of a cultural norm that’s been around since the beginning of time. Stories, whether they’re casual and humorous, or informative and meaningful, serve a variety of purposes, which can be easy to forget since they’ve become such a natural part of how we interact and communicate with...
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