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How To Make A Customer Testimonial Video

How to Make a Customer Testimonial Video The Easy Way

It goes without saying that you have a lot going on. Why not take down some tips about how how to make a customer testimonial video the easy way? Keep the process simple and pain-free for you and your customers, and not only will it yield great results, but it’ll make customers more likely to work with you again, should...
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Video Testimonial Scripts

3 Myths About Video Testimonial Scripts: Busted

There are a few myths floating around about video testimonial scripts. The majority of the myths have have more to do with how we choose to approach our use of scripts than anything. Done right, your script won’t sound salesy, and it should never be used to tell the person making it exactly what to say. It also doesn’t have...
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Video Testimonial App

Are You Getting the Most out of Your Video Testimonial App?

Even if you’re aware of your needs and how they’ll change as you grow, checking in to determine if you’re getting the most out of your video testimonial app is always a smart choice. There are some features that you might know that you need, right from the jump. Others, you’ll come to appreciate with more experience working with a...
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What To Say In A Video Testimonial

The Best Kept Secrets About What To Say in a Video Testimonial

There are no set rules about what to say in a video testimonial. Which, if you’re just starting out, is both good and bad news. On one hand, if there were, it would get boring pretty fast, right? On the other, that means you need to have an understanding of what viewers need to hear. Here are a few examples...
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Video Testimonial Conversion Rate

4 Ways To Help Your Video Testimonial Conversion Rate

Is your video testimonial conversion rate not looking so hot these days? We know that video has a lot of marketing power. According to ReelSEO, consumers who don’t watch the video are still “converting at a significantly higher rate” than shoppers viewing a page without video. Why the success? In the case of video testimonials, it stems from you allowing...
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Pay For Video Testimonials

Pay For Video Testimonials? The Ugly Truth, Revealed

Where does the temptation to pay for video testimonials come from? By now I think we’re all familiar with sites that promise testimonials for a low price. They try to hook you on the ease of the process, which involves a total stranger giving your business a glowing review, so you can place it on your site. So, what’s the...
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Asking For Video Testimonials

5 Things You Should Know About Asking For Video Testimonials

Asking for video testimonials doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience; filled with wondering how you should go about it, when, and whether or not your client will say yes. It’s something that’ll get easier over time and even become second-nature. Here’s what you need to know when you’re getting into the swing of things! 1 The majority of your...
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Are Video Testimonials Effective

Are Video Testimonials Effective? You Be The Judge

The big question: Are video testimonials effective? With 64% of online buyers more likely to purchase a product after viewing a video, I think the answer is a safe yes. That’s also a little too much power to ignore, so let’s explore why they’re so effective. Consumers see themselves in the speaker Testimonials allow viewers to hear from fellow consumers....
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Best Questions For Video Testimonials

Some of the Best Questions for Video Testimonials May Surprise You

The best questions for video testimonials aren’t always the most obvious. They aren’t necessarily the ones that draw out the lengthiest answer, or require the most thought. Sometimes the best questions are the ones that we don’t initially think to ask. Here are a few – and why they’re so great! How long have you worked with us? This question...
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How To Make A Video Testimonial

Wondering How to Make a Video Testimonial? Here’s a Simple Checklist

Wondering how to make a video testimonial? You’re in luck. Here’s a checklist to consider so you can guide clients on filming their first testimonial. Environment The location for each testimonial can actually play a crucial factor in how the speaker’s perceived. For example, how might a cluttered, poorly lit room be received? Not so great, right? The speaker might...
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