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Video Testimonial Best Practices

Car Dealership Video Testimonial Best Practices

We have a list of car dealership video testimonial best practices so you can boost your marketing efforts. Testimonial campaigns are an excellent way to showcase your dealership, and what you do best for the people who come to you looking for their next vehicle. Get in the habit of asking Early on, you are your own biggest hurdle in...
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Video Marketing Ideas

How To Draft Your Best Video Marketing Ideas

How do you draft your best video marketing ideas? Everyone has their own system, but if you’re having a hard time, it’s time to start a new one! Sitting down to brainstorm can be intimidating, especially if creativity begins to feel forced, or feels like a drain on your time. Here are some ways you can make the process of...
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Video Testimonial Interview Questions

How to Ask Video Testimonial Interview Questions That Compliment Your Message

How do you ask video testimonial interview questions that compliment your message? It’s easier than you’d think to steer your testimonials so you receive content that you’ll actually be able to use. Once you have your message nailed down (who it’s targeting, how you want to go about it) you can start drafting questions that will kick off a successful...
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Video Contest Judging Criteria

Making Your Video Contest Judging Criteria As Transparent As Possible

Nothing can sour a campaign faster at the finish line than having people up in arms over the video contest judging criteria. People have been known to get pretty vocal if they think something wasn’t quite right with the voting or the overall outcome of the contest. That kind of talk can circulate pretty quickly, and can harm the chances...
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Share The Love & We’ll Refund Your Current Month’s Payment

Even though we offer a reseller program, we’ve found that the vast majority of referrals come from you – our existing customers. And today, we’re giving you a chance to easily get rewarded for your generosity: Simply login to your account and click the Share The Love icon in the main menu.  Add as many email addresses as you’d like,...
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Video Testimonial Script

Using a Video Testimonial Script: Pros and Cons

There are different schools of thought on using a video testimonial script. Some people find that they help, at the very least, get whoever is filming the testimonial feeling more comfortable. Those who don’t use them cite the lack of trust that can arise in viewers when they watch a testimonial that feels too polished. Let’s talk a little more...
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Video Marketing

Learn Video Marketing: Tips From Your Kindergarten Self

How would your kindergarten self advise you about learning the ropes of video marketing? I sat with the idea for a bit, before coming up with the following advice from a younger Estee: Share your crayons It was applicable then, and it still is! Sharing crayons in school was a great way for our younger selves to make friends and...
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Video Testimonial Campaign

Goal Setting For Your Next Video Testimonial Campaign

Goal setting for your next video testimonial campaign can be exciting. There’s a lot to learn the first time around, and another campaign means you can apply what you’ve learned. Here’s how to go about goal setting: What’s realistic? Looking at previous campaigns is the best indicator for what you can expect out of your current efforts. It’s always good...
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Video Contest Tips

Rough start? Our Video Contest Tips To Get Your Campaign Back On Track

Has your contest gotten off to a rough start? You’ll need some video contest tips to get it back on track. First, realize that every campaign has its own bumps along the way. No matter how much planning, little things here and there can always go a little differently than we plan. And that’s okay. If you’re known for having...
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5th Annual Viral Video Awards

The Takeaway From The 5th Annual Viral Video Awards

The 5th annual Viral Video Awards have come and gone. The best of the best were praised by Advertising Age at the event in New York City, where a number of brands were able to show their stuff. With categories ranging from most viral brand to the most-watched single campaign, we can all take away a little something about what...
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