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Video Testimonial Tips

Video Testimonial Tips: The Key to Effective Storytelling

What makes a great story? What about it caught and held your interest? We have a few video testimonial tips for effective storytelling. In the same way we use stories to pass on what’s important, funny, or educational – your brand can be framing testimonials as another means to get your story out into the world. An engaged storyteller Testimonials...
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Video Testimonial Best Practices

Video Testimonial Best Practices: Tips for the New Year

New year, new you – right? The same can be said for your brand. As we get in gear for 2015, here are some video testimonial best practices to make sure start out on the right foot! Get into the habit of asking If 2014 wasn’t the year of the testimonial for your brand, there’s at least one easy fix...
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What Makes A Good Video Testimonial

What Makes a Good Video Testimonial? Secrets You Need to Know

What makes a good video testimonial? When brought together, certain elements have the power to make a statement that’ll stick with consumers. So, how does the magic happen? Here’s what you’re going to need. Concise video has the most impact Each testimonial has a point to make. Whether the focus is on your brands great customer service, or an awesome...
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Video Testimonial Benefits

Surprising Video Testimonial Benefits for You to Consider

When we talk about video testimonial benefits – some are more obvious than others. Obviously video is great at doing what text, alone, can’t. And with the ease of sharing and getting the word out about your brand from the people who love it the most, it’s no wonder that testimonials have taken off. But what about some of the...
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Video Testimonial Effectiveness

3 Easy Ways You Can Boost Video Testimonial Effectiveness

What’s the secret behind video testimonial effectiveness? We know there’s a lot of power in allowing consumers to hear from their peers about brands, rather than trying to do all the talking, ourselves. As effective as they are, there are some small ways you can give the testimonials you have a boost to make sure they’re having the biggest impact....
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Tips For Video Testimonials

Tips For Video Testimonials: 3 Creative Ways to “Ask”

There are plenty of tips for video testimonials; specifically how to ask and receive great video for your site. Some of the more common ways include asking on your blog, and sharing the link to your site where they can record using a video testimonial app. But what about in person testimonials? How can you be sure you’re ready at...
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How To Create A Video Testimonial

How to Create a Video Testimonial Without Investing Hours of Time

There’s plenty to be said about how to create a video testimonial – but how about creating testimonials that aren’t a drain on time? Here are some tips on how to do it the easy, and right, way. Choosing the right setting Knowing ahead of time, the type of environment a video testimonial should be recorded in is key. If...
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Video Testimonials For Business

3 Things About Video Testimonials For Business Your Boss Should Know

Having a little trouble reaching your boss about using video testimonials for business? There can be a lot of reasons for their resistance. Sometimes it’s discomfort with change, or simply not knowing enough about what makes video testimonials so powerful. Either way, if it’s your job to do the convincing, here’s what they need to know. Video does what text...
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How To Make A Customer Testimonial Video

How to Make a Customer Testimonial Video The Easy Way

It goes without saying that you have a lot going on. Why not take down some tips about how how to make a customer testimonial video the easy way? Keep the process simple and pain-free for you and your customers, and not only will it yield great results, but it’ll make customers more likely to work with you again, should...
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Video Testimonial Scripts

3 Myths About Video Testimonial Scripts: Busted

There are a few myths floating around about video testimonial scripts. The majority of the myths have have more to do with how we choose to approach our use of scripts than anything. Done right, your script won’t sound salesy, and it should never be used to tell the person making it exactly what to say. It also doesn’t have...
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