Startup Sweepstakes

The Bravo Startup Sweepstakes gives away a 1-year Bravo subscription to a new company each month. The goal is to help new businesses leverage online video to improve their website and social presence.
Every month, 1 winner will receive:
  • A free 1-year subscription to Bravo
  • You need to be a full-time business in its first year of operation.
  • An interesting story about your business (how you started, what it does, and why you’re doing it).
  • Tell us how you’ll use Bravo Video to help your business.
  • A company website, so we can learn more about your business.
Why give away a 1-year Bravo subscription to new businesses?

Since Bravo Video is a relatively new business (founded in 2011), we understand the challenges that many new startups face. In 2008 we started a web design agency, and in 2010 we launched a social promotions business. Any and all help along the way – especially when it comes to online marketing – can be a huge benefit for success.

To apply, please tell us about your new business and how we can help you further your online initiatives: